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This is America? Driving While Muslim…


(New York Taxi Worker Alliance/AP Photo)


Continuing with the new far-right meme that everyone who is Muslim is a dangerous terrorist, America now has people who commit attempted murder of cab drivers who just happen to be Muslim. On Tuesday, August 24 2010, Ahmed H. Sharif, aged 43 and a resident of Queens, New York, picked up a fare. Mr. Sharif is a driver for Yellow Cab Company. His passenger, 21-year-old Michael Enright, a resident of the New York suburb of Brewster, asked Mr. Sharif if he was a Muslim and was he fasting for Ramadan. When Sharif said yes, Enright attacked him and slashed his neck with a folding hand tool.

THIS is the America the far-right, Faux News followers, and Palin supporters want? Who is next in their sights as they encourage their supporters to “reload” and stay “armed and dangerous” and “take America back”?


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