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Uncle Beck goes to Washington


Glenn Beck won this round.

On Saturday, a crowd that was roughly estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 people showed up at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech. They were there to add flesh to Beck’s dream that he could con that many people all at once. Naturally the media showed up to record it.

Reclaiming America’s honor? Please. This had nothing to do with that. This was all about Glen Beck wanting to see just how much juice he really had, and now he knows. Not that he didn’t already have a pretty good idea of his star power before, but now that Beck has been to his own mountaintop and seen the acres of radiant upturned white faces praising his name, he now has an even better idea of just how far he can stretch this game out before it snaps.

It doesn’t much matter what he said, or what Sarah Palin said, or even what Dr. King’s poor brain-dead niece said when she gladly opened her mouth to belch forth a pungent stream of sewer water defiling the name and memory of her uncle simply by the offense of her presence. None of it matters because the true message of folks like Beck and Sarah Palin isn’t in the worthlessness of their words and phrases. The true message that they bring is in who is listening to them and why. It doesn’t matter that Beck and Palin have about as much use for facts as a shark has for braces, because for them facts really do only get in the way of stirring up the simmering masses by any means necessary.

And the masses came. Do they represent a majority of Americans? I seriously doubt it. But the mere fact that more than 50 people showed up to listen to anything Beck had to say means that willful ignorance has become a celebrated way of life for far too many.

I’d love nothing better than to laugh and joke this guy away, but right now I’m not seeing the punch line unless it’s the rest of us. Reclaiming America’s honor? America just got gang raped on national TV in the National Mall, led by a man who fancies himself as a cross between Jesus Christ and Uncle Sam.

I mean, how smooth is that?




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