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The emerging divide in Black America over Obama


Look, I tried every which way to get the video uploaded but I’m just not the guy you wanna call to solve all your computer tech issues. But if you’ll bear with me this one time, I really believe clicking on this link right here will be worth your while. So I apologize for not delivering this time on the cool video graphics that would have made this more visually seductive and all that but, well, hey. Stuff happens.

Anyway, this link will deliver you to an excellent panel discussion that took place last month in April on a Boston PBS show called Basic Black, a weekly, local public affairs television show produced in Boston, Massachusetts at the PBS station WGBH. The producer of the show left a comment and a link to this particular show in  the comment section of my JJP colleague Cheryl Contee’s post on Dr. West’s meltdown. So big props to this show for real. I know I, for one, definitely plan to start tuning in on a more regular basis.

The discussion focused on the not-so-long-ago flareup that occurred between Rev. Al Sharpton, an Obama supporter, and Prof. Cornel West who, well, isn’t. In light of the more recent tantrum thrown by West, this discussion sheds a whole lotta light from varying African American perspectives on the broader ramifications of this firefight and how it illuminates the broader pro-con debates that are going on in black communities across the nation as it relates to Obama’s presidency, and whether or not our expectations of him have possibly been far too high.

Check it out.

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