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The Incredible Shrinking Mitt



You’ve been to the doctor, right? Beware the glove…


Hey y’all. I’m out of town looking in on my mother for the next couple of weeks so I suspect my posts are gonna be pretty short  and infrequent during that time. Then again,  the fact that my 89-year-old mother’s serious addiction to all things political is far worse than mine pretty much guarantees I won’t be missing much that goes on.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

I agree with most other political observers that it’s way too early to declare victory in 2012 for the Democrats, let alone  the re-election of President Barack Obama. Still, I gotta say it’s been hard, I mean really really hard, to keep my feet from getting happy a few times these past few weeks.

And one of the things I just cannot resist as a resident of Detroit is laughing uproariously at the spectacular crash and burn of Michigan native, and Republican presidential front-runner,  Mitt Romney. As I have said before, sometimes it is simply the right thing to scoff and point a viciously gleeful finger at the misfortune of others, particularly when that misfortune was delivered by their own hand. If you’ve been following this at all, you know by now that Mitt first tried to divorce himself from his very own health care plan that his administration implemented in Massachusetts  in 2006 while he was governor (if you’d like to take a look at what Mitt’s Massachusetts plan looks like, click here).

Now Mad Man Mitt is trying to steal the credit from Obama for the indisputable success generated by the president’s decision to bail out General Motors and Chrysler. At the time that Obama did the bailout, Mitt said it was a tragedy and a horrible decision. He even penned a New York Times editorial in 2008 saying “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”. But now that Obama’s decision is proving to be so obviously right, Mitt is saying that Obama stole the idea from him. That’s kinda like the early white settlers claiming the Native Americans never would have known how to ride a horse if it hadn’t been for their patient instruction.

What a punk move.

Get it straight, Mitt, because we in Michigan understood you loud and clear the first time. You gave your home state the finger. We also understood what Obama did for us, when  you – and those like you – were essentially saying that Detroit was better off dead. Obama, who has never lived here, had enough sense to know that the auto companies matter, and that Detroit matters. Obama, who has never lived here, knows what Detroiters have always known; not only are we worth saving, but we still have a lot to offer this country.

You, on the other hand…



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