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Jimmy Hoffa Speaks in Detroit: The UNEDITED Version

Jimmy Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union, made an empassioned plea for people to vote the Democratic party in November 2012, stating that we need to “take out” the Republicans now in office–take them out via fair and free elections (with no voter suppresion tactics.

Of course Faux News, Andrew Breitbart, and others who make their bones by LYING about the facts, edited Hoffa’s comments to make it appear as if he were calling for violence against Republicans. Not. As usual, they were just channeling what Republicans have actually said recently about what should happen if an election doesn’t turn out the way they want: Sharron Angle and Allen West calling for “Second Amendment Remedies” and Sarah Palin with her “crosshairs” on her website that she said were actually surveyors’ marks…

Here is what Mr. Hoffa actually said. Listen, decide for yourself, then make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. THAT is the Democratic and democratic way things are supposed to be done in America.

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