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The Top 5 Reasons I say: Good Riddance, Herman!



I, for one of tens of millions, am very glad that Mr. Herman Cain has “suspended” his presidential campaign.

(By suspending, not ending, his campaign, he is still free to raise and spend money. We, the American taxpayers–including the 99%, are paying for his Secret Service protection for at least another 9.99 weeks. Why is it that government is only supposed to work for YOU, Mr. Cain?)

There are a lot of Republicans and very right-wing people who continue to support Herman Cain and actually think he would’ve made a good President. Not.

The reasons I am glad Mr. Cain’s gone are not totally because I am a proud liberal and progressive Democrat. It is deeper than that. 

5) He may have been a successful businessman and motivational speaker and all that, but how can you truly “motivate” people by denigrating them and calling them lazy and worthless? (“If you aren’t rich or don’t have a job, it’s YOUR fault!” said Mr. Cain.) I, for one of tens of millions of fellow liberals and progressives, believe in “Sankofa”: reaching back and helping others up, not pulling up the ladder once you’ve personally reached the top.

4) I resent being called “brainwashed” and “living on a plantation” just because I don’t think like Herman Cain does. Again, it seems like Mr. Cain and his campaign just ran on “applause lines”. It is precisely BECAUSE I can think and analyze for myself that I made an INFORMED choice to be a liberal progressive and not a conservative.

3) I prefer my President to be readers AND leaders. Maybe if Mr. Cain “read” a little more, he’d know the name of the President of U-becky-becky-stan-stan and the successful Libya policy of President Obama, AND he would know and understand that it is NOT politically prudent to denigrate and make fun of another sovereign state.

2) I also prefer for my President NOT to play the “victim” at every turn. Every time Mr. Cain had a problem, it was always someone or something else’s fault: the Democrats, the “liberal media”, “unsubstantiated accusations”, the middle class, the Black people who were “scared” of a “real Black Man”…yada, yada, yada. Mr. Cain may not have noticed, but there is already a “real Black Man” in the White House. I almost laughed when Mr. Cain said in his farewell speech that the “lies about him” were “hurting his family”. More lies have been told about President Obama and his wife and family than Mr. Cain can shake a stick at–many of those lies told by Mr. Cain himself. But do you hear the President whining and complaining at every turn? No–Barack Hussein Obama is the role model that Mr. Cain should follow. Our current president just “brushes the dirt off his shoulder” and keeps on working for the good of ALL Americans.

1) I am equally incensed that Mr. Cain has set himself up as judge and jury of other Americans by stating that he would not “have any Muslims in his administration”. On the one hand, Mr. Cain boldly states that there is no longer a “race problem” in America (of course, he then plays the “race card” when it is convenient for him), but he perpectuates other racial/religious/cultural stereotypes such as all Muslims are terrorists and Muslims cannot be “real Americans” nor can they be trusted. Well, it seems as if it is Mr. Cain who cannot be trusted. 

Good riddance, Mr. Cain. You are now reduced to a trivia question on “Final Jeopardy”. Don’t forget to ask Ann Coulter if she still feels that “her blacks” are better than “our blacks”. “Our Black” is the scandal-free President of the United States of America, and you, Mr. Cain, are a joke and an embarrassment to all Americans.

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