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So, Mitt’s Going to the Gulf–Today?!?!?

FED - Uniformed Division - United States Secre...
FED – Uniformed Division – United States Secret Service (Photo credit: Inventorchris)
Mitt Romney - Caricature
Mitt Romney – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Mitt Romney canceled his campaign stop today so that he could visit the Isaac-ravaged Gulf Region ahead of President Obama. I guess he thinks that will make him look more “presidential”.
Guess what, Mitt? You are a gazillionaire who thinks government workers are not Americans and who you want to “send home”. First of all, you are receiving tax-payer funded Secret Service Protection.

Secondly, do you even realize how the 1st responders (that you think should be fired) will now have to stop their work with the actual people affected by the hurricane so that they can deal with you coming to the area?
So you’re going to spend a lot of unnecessary tax-payer money to try to look “presidential”. MY tax-payer money, by the way, since I pay WAY more than 13% in Federal income taxes.
The President, who DOES realize how much extra work it would be for the police departments if he visited the area now, won’t fall for your faux concern, and neither will thinking Americans.
We also will remember that the Republicans continue to hold hostage any funds for FEMA unless food stamps for poor people are reduced. You and the Republicans do NOT care about “the people”.
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