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#Mitt in NOLA: BIG #FAIL


President Barack Obama is waiting until Monday, September 3, 2012, to visit NOLA (New Orleans LA) because he understands that the 1st respnders and others dealing with Hurricane Isaac are way too busy in the first days after a disaster to be diverted by a visit from the President or even a presidential candidate.

Of course, Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that, everything he does is for Mitt. Governor Romney decided he could upstage the President by visiting the NOLA area last Friday. Of course, he is using taxpayer-funded Secret Service, taxpayer-funded 1st reponder time and overtime, driving along government built and maintained roads, etc.

Mitt Romney has pledged to reduce or eliminate as many government programs as possible, and he also declared that he was ready to “send home” as many goernment workers such as police officers, firefighters, and teachers as possible because he wants to improve things for the “American people”–as if police officers, firefighters, and teachers are NOT Americans.

Look at this picture carefully:

1) Mitt is standing in front of a U.S. Post Office that is mandated by the Constitution, but uses no taxpayer funds. The USPS is totally supported by postage, yet the Republicans want to privatize it.

2) Mitt is shaking hands with members of the National Guard–of course, they are also government workers, and they should be helping those whose homes and businesses have been flooded. Instead, Mr. Romney took them away from their duties.

3) Mr. Romney’s running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), voted to reduce funding for FEMA, and other Republicans repeatedly tie funding for FEMA to reductions in social programs for the poor. Yet, Mr. Romney tells a woman whose home was destroyed by Isaac to GO HOME and “call 211”–another taxpayer-funded government program intended to help people in crisis.

Mr. Romney is totally clueless–all he cares about is “looking Presidential”–but just like his recent trip to Great Britain, he blew it. Total #FAIL


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