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Speaker Boehner: Where are the jobs?

RALEIGH, NC - SEPTEMBER 14:   U.S. President B...

RALEIGH, NC – SEPTEMBER 14: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about his proposed American Jobs Act during a visit to North Carolina State University September 14, 2011 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Obama is stumping for his $450 billion jobs proposal in the wake of the Democrats losing a U.S. seat to Republicans in a special election in New York. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

John Boehner and the Tea Party Republicans PROMISED jobs, jobs, and more jobs when they came into office after the 2010 elections. Since then, they have blocked, filbustered, and/or defeated EVERY SINGLE JOBS bill presented to them.

There would be millions more jobs IF the Republican Congress had passed the American Jobs Act that has been sitting on their desk for a YEAR. The Republicans (especially in many States) have decimated the public sector jobs–adding ONE FULL POINT to the unemployment rate.

Yet, Speaker Boehner declared that the House of Representatives would take a VACATION every three weeks. He and the Republican Congress have spent MILLIONS of dollars trying to eliminate all social problems, outlaw legal abortion, and repeal the Affordable Care Act–none of which produces new jobs.

It is time to re-elect President Obama and fire all of the Republicans in the Congress. 

Don’t believe the hype or feed the fear of the haters and the trolls. Here are the FACTS:

Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? YES WE ARE!

September 2008: August jobs report showed a LOSS of 84,000 jobs totaling a LOSS of 605,000 jobs for 2008. 

September 2012: August jobs report shows a GAIN of 90,000 totaling a GAIN of 1,115,000 jobs for 2012.

Today: DOW……… 13293.00 (highest since Dec 2007)

NASDAQ…..3135.81 (highest since Nov 2000)
S&P…………1432.12 (highest since Jan 2008)

Recovering from recesson…gains since March 2009 lows
DOW up 103%

 NASDAQ up 147%

S&P up 112% 


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