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Kevyn Orr, Detroit Emergency Manager Disses Detroit


So, Kevyn Orr, the Washington DC attorney appointed last March by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) as the “Emergency Manager” to lead the City of Detroit into bankruptcy, recently called Detroiters, and specifically retirees and union members, “…dumb, fat, happy, and rich.” You can imagine how well THAT comment went over. Mr. Orr also stated that the “age of entitlement” in Detroit is over. 

Here is a video of Mr. Orr’s interview with the Wall Street Journal: The State of Michigan is paying Mr. Orr personally $275,000/year and also paying Mr. Orr’s law firm, Jones Day, much more–hundreds of thousands of dollars. Mr. Orr stays in one of the luxury hotels during the week and flies home to D.C. every weekend. He pays his own room service tab. City of Detroit retirees receive between $20,000 and $40,000 annually; most union workers have an annual salary of between $30,000 – $70,000 annually at the highest levels.  Current workers and retirees pay into their pension plans from their own money. Republicans and very rich people such as Snyder and Orr seem to think that people who receive benefits that were paid for over the years are freeloaders who feel “entitled” to government money. It never occurs to Snyder and Orr that pension benefits, while they may be managed (or mis-managed) by the government, the money belongs to the people who paid into the system. It’s the same with Medicare and Social Security. People paid into those programs from their own salaries, so yes, they ARE “entitled” to their own money. Both Snyder and Orr are multi-millionaires (or even more) themselves, and have no idea what it is like to live on $30,000 or less per year after 30-40-50 years of service in a government job. They just think it’s OK, to solve Detroit’s problems by cutting the EARNED benefits of pensioners in half. It doesn’t occur to Snyder and Orr that if the fixed income of the retirees is cut, then many of them will have to actually depend on government assistance just to eat, or they will lose their(often fully paid for) homes because they can’t pay the property taxes, and the City of Detroit will lose even more tax revenue. Snyder and Orr may not be “fat”, but the “dumb, happy, and rich” part certainly applies. Add to that: clueless about the real world.

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