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10 People You Didn’t Know Were Black #2

Anatole BroyardIn our second post, we introduce you to a great American Writer. He had a controversial life as he sometimes declared he was black, and other times he lashed out when asked about his racial identity.

This time we are talking about Anatole Broyard whose brilliant literary career put him in the spotlight. As an adult he was continuously criticized by many blacks because he wrote about his racial identity in an oblique way.

After his death in 1990, his daughter Bliss Broyard wrote a book “One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life – A Story or Race and Family Secrets.” The title speaks for itself. If you are interested in reading a complex book about a complex issue, you have just found your book.

Some of his most important books are: Kafka Was the Rage (1993), Intoxicated by My Illness(1992), Men, Women and Other Anticlimaxes(1980), and Aroused by Books(1974).

To read more about his life you can click here

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Ivan Rodriguez

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