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“If you’re #Miss America you should have to be American”

miss americaWhen I ran into this topic, the first thing that came to my mind was: “Mmm… American?… Let’s look for a dictionary definition…” And what I thought was confirmed not only for one, but many dictionaries that define “American” as:

– A person born, raised, or living in the U.S.

– A person born, raised, or living in any country of the American continent (which also includes Latin countries).

– Of or pertaining to the aboriginal Indians of North, South, and Central america.

The title of this post was taken from a tweet after the new Miss America Nina Davuluri was crowned, making her the first Indian American holding the title. She was born in Syracuse, New York (in a map, you’ll find it inside the United States). As you might suppose, the person who wrote the title of this post is white, and that only means one thing, this person has immigrant ancestry since the only real native population are the First Nation Indians who were already here when the Europeans came, and that implies that: “If you’re #Miss America you should have to be a native American Indian.

RepublicanLogic (1)It’s amazing how technology can close gaps and convey all kind of information in a matter of seconds, and it’s equally surprising how some people use these tools just to demonstrate their lack of knowledge.

We will never understand the way some people “think,” their words defy any logical and reasonable explanation. We have to respect other people’s beliefs, but we don’t have to agree with them.

All I can say is: Congratulations to our new Miss America! We all should be proud of having such a smart and beautiful woman representing the U.S.

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Ivan Rodriguez

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