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Raising the U.S. Debt Ceiling Does NOT Raise the U.S. Debt

In addition to unnecessarily and spitefully shutting down the United States Government in a failed attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) which is already LAW and cannot be “defunded”, the Republicans, especially in the House of Representatives, are now threatening to refuse to raise the U.S. debt ceiling on October 17, 2013.

As President Obama (himself a constitutional SCHOLAR, not just a “lawyer”) explained the other day, some people get confused with the name/term “raising the debt ceiling”. It sounds like Congress would be approving getting the U.S. into more debt than it already has.

But, in actuality, “raising the debt ceiling” means to  authorize the Congress to pay the debts that the Congress already approved. Neither the debt, nor the deficit are “Obama’s”, or any president’s. Any debt or deficit of the United States government originates in Congress, and is paid by Congress. That’s the LAW. As a matter of fact, it is in the Constitution that all financial laws, bills, etc. MUST originate and be ultimately handled by the “People’s House”, that is, the House of Representatives. That’s why this is all on Speaker John Boehner, and why nothing will happen until he allows that vote to re-open the government to come to the floor of the House. That is HIS JOB, no matter how the vote lands.

But, because of the policies of President Barack Obama (many of which Democrats and Progressives do NOT like), the real deficit of the U.S. has been falling faster than at any time since right after World War II. The Republicans don’t want you to know that, just like they don’t want you to know that raising the debt ceiling is not the same as adding to the U.S. debt. The less you know, the better for them.

But unfortunately for them, most Americans are smarter than the handful of base Tea Party supporters are, but those are the people holding the country hostage, and John Boehner is allowing it. That is NOT his job.

Mr. Boehner keeps saying that he doesn’t “have the votes” to re-open the government. Well, the President and the American people (those with some sense) have two words for Speaker Boehner: PROVE IT. Allow the House to vote. Period.

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