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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

child-sea_1106771iThe 44th President of the United States turns 54 today!

President Barack Obama was born on August 4 in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961 (that explains the picture to the left) and will celebrate his birthday at the White House in Washington with his family.

He has many reasons to celebrate, this has certainly been his year and things don’t seem to be slowing down at all. His speech stating that America was now truly the “Land of the Free” after same-sex marriage legalization throughout the United States will always be remembered. Recently announcing that he would be commuting the prison sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders is something that will definitely change the criminal justice system. He was even interviewed by YouTube stars to let the people of the Internet hear everything they wanted to know. He’s definitely everywhere!

What else can we say? Well, in case you haven’t sent him a card yet, there’s nothing to worry about because you can wish him a Happy Birthday online. You can visit this link to let him know he is in your thoughts.

And we hope the President has a day full of fun doing some of his favorite activities. Do you know his favorite hobbies? Here’s a little gallery that might answer your question (you can click on the images to enlarge.)

If you think the President has fun drinking a good cold beer, practicing sports, and fist bumping, then you were right. Well, these might not be exactly his favorite ones but we are sure he enjoys them. Happy Birthday Mr. President!

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Ivan Rodriguez

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